10 Famous Fashion Brands in the World

Famous fashion brands are always synonymous with high prices. However, there are many factors that make the brand VALUE EXPENSIVE.

How many brands are able to survive as the fashion industry grows? Very few of them end up reaching the global top.

The key to success is quality, consistency, and trendsetters. Those who do these three things will then be able to become a famous fashion brands.

10 World Famous Fashion Brands in 2022

Here are the top 10 fashion brands in the world today:


Nike does not just sports apparel. The proof is that they are currently the fashion brand with the highest brand value in the world.

Regarding fashion trends, don’t forget that Nike has the iconic sneakers of all time, namely Jordan.

Its popularity spreads not only in its home country but also across continents including Europe, Asia to Africa.


GUCCI products often appear on the red carpet of various prestigious world events. No wonder their image as a well-known fashion brand is very strong.

They have consistently delivered top-quality clothing to their customers since 1921.

GUCCI’s brand value is indeed in second place, but based on their popularity metric, they are the world’s number one fashion brand.

Louis Vuitton

“Lui Vitong” aka LV is a brand that often releases fashion products at the highest prices.

The hallmark of the LV monogram design is always attached to every product, from the most luxurious to book covers.

Louis Vuitton also often collaborates with brands or designers whose results are always crazy.


Adidas fashion products dominate the sports world in Europe. While in the world sportswear market, they only lost to Nike.

Products with a three-line logo, called Adidas, definitely have very good quality. So far they have focused on clothing, footwear, and accessories.


Coco Chanel is a brilliant fashion designer from the early 19th century who managed to build the Chanel brand into what it is today.

Women’s dresses with timeless or timeless designs are the hallmark of Chanel women’s clothing.

In addition, the company also produces perfumes, leather bags, and even fishing gear which cost tens of thousands of USD.


Don’t be surprised if the items on display at ZARA are always changing. Because their latest collection is always out every week.

Even the average number of products sold is always limited. That is what attracts consumers’ purchasing power and increases the value of exclusivity.

By the way, this Spanish brand clothing store has spread to 98 countries including Indonesia, you know.


Branded but the price is still relatively affordable. That is the plus point of the Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO.

In 2018 they were ranked third globally for the highest sales with a value of up to 19.6 billion USD.


H&M’s long journey began in 1968 after the merger between the Hennes brand and Mauritz. Finally, the name that is used today was born.

Stefan Persson then continued his father’s business and built H&M into a leading global brand. According to Forbes, his net worth in 2020 is 17.9 billion USD.


You see, they are indeed famous for luxury goods, especially jewelry and watches.

Even King Edward VII of Great Britain called Cartier the jewel of the kings.

Currently, there are 200 Cartier stores in 127 countries including the one in PIM, Jakarta.


Once again, French fashion brands rule the world. This one you must have seen and heard of often, namely Herms.

Every item is always perfect because they don’t do mass production. One designer, one product.

The handbag produced by Herms, they auctioned off for Rp. 3.5 billion. in 2018.


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