When reading this article, what type of men’s pants are you wearing, bro? Are you wearing jogger pants while holding your gadget, or just boxers while lying on the bed?

Let’s be honest. Even though you have a lot of pants in your closet, not all guys really understand the choice of cool pants. Usually, I just stick with it when I’m chosen by my mother. Even though you don’t know the exact name, it’s fine to buy casual men’s pants of any model as long as you like the material and color. Really, isn’t it? Hehe.

Even though you always leave the business of shopping for clothes to your mother or boyfriend because you are lazy to think, at least you still have to understand the types of men’s pants, bro. You have to understand the material and types of men’s pants, as well as mix and match tricks so that your style looks even cooler. To know more about political law you can visit this site folderaccess

Want to know what types of pants are the current model that all guys must know? Read this article to the end, bro!

Formal Pants Material

You can rely on this type of men’s pants to get a formal and professional look, very suitable for use at the office or at an invitation. Formal pants are generally made of drill material which has a smooth texture and easily absorbs sweat, so they are a mainstay for making suits. In addition, there are also cool pants made of semi wool, silk wool (shining), corduroy, and polyester which are no less good. Everything is up to you according to your budget. The cuts also vary. There are slim fit, regular fit, and skinny fit. Everything just depends on your personal style or taste.

Jogger Pants

You’re certainly no stranger to these slang pants, right? These pants, which were really trendy at the beginning of 2017, are really nice to wear, do sports, or hang out with your gang. The material is usually made of cotton, with loose cuts in the waist and thigh area. The waist is made of rubber that you can loosen as you wish. Although at first glance they look similar, jogger pants also have a variety of models, now. There are sporty joggers that are good for sports or running, smart joggers that are more casual and slim, everyday joggers that are cool for everyday activities, to lounge joggers that are looser and comfortable to sleep at home.

Skinny Fit Pants

Do you want your legs to look thin and slender? These men’s casual pants can be the solution, bro. Skinny-cut trousers are usually made of stretchy jeans and stick tight to the legs. Although it makes the legs look long, unfortunately this type of men’s pants has a narrow pocket, so it’s not possible to fill a lot of stuff. To make it look cool, you should combine it with a t-shirt or shirt whose sleeves are rolled up to the elbow. Don’t forget to use a sling bag or clutch to make it more stylish!


At least, every guy must have one chinos in his closet. These multifunctional contemporary pants are suitable for all events and situations. Starting from going on dates together, sitting with the kids to hang out, work, invitations, to even formal events. The final look is super flexible, depending on the type of shoe you wear. Want to look casual? You can pair it with sneakers or any model of sports shoes. Do you want to be formal? You can pair it with loafers. The material is quite thick and stiff, but still cool and comfortable to wear. The majority of chino pants are nude (brown) and navy (dark blue), so they are easy to mix and match. What color chinos do you have, bro?

Boot Cut Pants

Cool pants of this type are also known as cut bray. This type of men’s pants cut snugly in the thigh area and widens at the bottom of the leg. The A-line shape of these pants is suitable for retro-style fans who like to wear sneakers. Suitable for all body types, from tall skinny to fat though.

Cargo Pants

Because it has many pockets and the material is quite thick, cargo pants have always been a mainstay for mountain kids. In the past, this type of men’s pants was often worn by members of the military. But over time, cargo pants are also used by travelers who are adventurous. Cargo pants can also make your appearance look macho and adventurous, so they are perfect for those of you who are tall! The many pockets you can tuck in the Ax Perfume Pocket to keep it smelling good and confident all day long. If you meet your crush, you can immediately spray it to make it smell better. In addition to fragrance, this perfume also has an antibacterial effect.

Drawstring Pants

This type of men’s pants is made of loose cotton, complete with straps and elastic at the waist. The material of these men’s casual pants is super stretchy and cool, so it’s really good for running or exercising. Casual but stylish!

Well, that’s the model of male pants that you must recognize the difference. All are equally cool and worn at the right moment. Each pant also have different characteristics, so you have to be good at matching them to your body shape. Those of you who are tall or thin can wear skinny pants, chinos, or whatever pants you want. Meanwhile, those of you who are fat can use a jogger or a safe boot cut. Happy experimenting with fashion trends that suit you, bro!

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