Bags: The difference between KW and Original

Bags- Having branded goods is certainly a matter of pride for yourself. Well-known fashion houses that are famous for their luxury bag designs, of course, experience a lot of plagiarism.

The quality is not far from the original, but every bag with a well-known brand always has original characteristics that can help us distinguish it from a fake.

How to Distinguish Original or KW Bags

So in order not to be easily fooled when shopping for branded goods, here are some tips that can make it easier for you to recognize the characteristics of Original and KW bags:

Pay attention to the stitching details on the bag

Before selling it on the market, of course, the company always re-checks every product they will sell. This is so that there are no defective or imperfect items. Therefore, before buying make sure you check all the seams of the bag.

Pay attention to the zipper details

The second thing to pay attention to is to check all the details of the zipper. The original bag has a clean shape and buttons, besides that, there is also a serial number and brand name that characterizes the quality of the authenticity of the item.

Material quality and discuss the bag

Genuine bag products of course come from materials that have guaranteed quality. In addition, usually original bags also use non-sticky and oily materials.

Brand name

Many still underestimate this tip, even though the form of writing and brand names are important things that they must pay attention to. Fake bags usually have a different brand name from the original, even misspelling the name.

Serial number

If you want to buy a branded bag, make sure you first find out the characteristics of Original and KW bags. Genuine bag products usually have a label with a special serial number and are difficult to remove. Do not accept goods if there is damage or defects in the packaging.


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