Best Women’s Fashion Trends in 2020

In 2020, of course, women really like to follow the latest fashion this year. Indeed, fashion always changes every year, even fashion lovers are very curious about fashion trends in the coming year. Talking about Fashion Trends in 2020, it seems that women’s fashion trends are more dominated by fashion styles from previous years that have been modified so that they can follow the trends of 2020. The change of year always brings changes from the previous year and the year after. No exception changes in clothing trends that also develop and change over time. Fashion observers have already given an idea of ​​what kinds of clothing trends will rise in 2020.
Best Women’s Fashion Trends in 2020

  1. Denim Skirt
    Jeans or commonly known as denim seem to never be absent in the fashion world every year, Denis can be said to be one of the timeless fashions. Denim is back as a fashion trend in 2020, which can make users comfortable and look casual.
  2. Dominatrix Style
    For those of you women who want to look sexy and out of the box, Dominatrix Syle’s fashion type is perfect for you. Dominatrix Style is a leather suit that at first glance resembles the all-black gothic style. Dominatrix Style itself is popular in the fashion world because it displays the sexy and wild side of its users.
  3. Coat Dress
    Coat Dress or commonly called a coat dress is a women’s fashion trend in 2020 because this trend is booming, especially in European countries. Although in Indonesia it is still very rare to use this fashion trend.
    You can still use this fashion trend if you are visiting abroad, especially if the country is in winter. Besides looking more trendy, coat dresses can also make you feel warm even though the weather is cold.
  4. Vest
    A vest or what is commonly called a vest is a type of sleeveless clothing that is currently popular in the fashion world today, usually, a vest or vest has only one button, the vest itself can be combined with various types of fashion, whether it’s denim and others.
  5. Colorful Leather
    Colorful Leather is a 2020 fashion trend made of leather, whether it’s leather jackets, leather skirts, and so on. Colorful Leather itself presents a type of leather fashion that has bright and striking colors with various color variations that look even more contemporary.
  6. Super Long Outerwear
    Outerwear has always been the mainstay of hijabs to look attractive, in 2020 Outerwear has returned to the fashion trend with outerwear that is very long to the ankles.
  7. Fringed
    Fringed is a type of fashion that tufts from clothes, skirts, jackets, bags to shoes. This women’s fashion trend is popular in 2020 because it looks unique and charming to its users.
  8. Ruffle
    Ruffle is a detail of stacked folds that can give the impression of feminine, girly, sexy, to edgy. If combined properly, ruffle can also improve your body shape so that it looks more proportional. The ruffle will be one of the 2020 fashion trends that you must have.