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I view my style as quirky, enjoyable, and eccentric, and I feel actually flattered when different people notice it too. I didn’t have time to consider my response to this attention-grabbing topic yesterday and it’s been fun to learn all the replies.

I sometimes feel that ‘cute’ is what folks give you after they don’t have anything else to say (good or in any other case). I would prefer attractive (of course!), or elegant, or fabulous. I would also like to be called elegant, subtle, fashionable, beautiful or sexy. I don’t thoughts “cute” and get that one fairly usually (beth, it’s not only for short ladies, I’m tall!), but cute is sort of the alternative of sophisticated. I use cute as a compliment too, however often for casual outfits or accessories.

You’re proper Vani, however then why not just say “alluring/stunning/totally different”? I get that it’s slang, however I don’t think that is how it’s typically used within the context of non-public style. I assume in relation to fashion and clothing, horny usually means horny. I probably get ‘cute’ the most and while it doesn’t trouble me, it doesn’t thrill me either.

Perhaps I’m used to it since I am short and small and have been marked for life since I was a 5 pound new child. Read about what to wear and the way to wear it on the YLF Blog. Join the YLF Forum to ask particular questions or simply chat about fashion and private style. Or take a look at the curated record of things we love in YLF Finds. Select from a letter above to discover a music time period in the Artopium index, or enter your music word into the search field supplied by Google Search.


I’m with Maya in terms of phrases like “horny” or “hot” – I’d feel like an object and never an individual, as if all my style decisions had been destined to find a companion. Of course, I’d take any and all complimentary adjectives in the spirit by which they’re given, but I particularly like fabulous, lovely, and stylish.

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I’m not so fond of cute, cute (similar connotations as cute in my mind), fashionable, style ahead, edgy, or hip (these last 4 clearly relate to my traditional vs. cutting edge style persona). And so a lot of them are suited to how I perceive your types.

Michelle brings out some extent I agree with — I’ve all the time barely recoiled from “stylish,” because to me the word evokes a barely cookie-cutter look-of-the-moment style. I’m sure I’d like it if people stated I was artwork(s)y, style ahead, edgy or stylish, however it’s just not one thing regular folks say (the people of YLF aren’t regular, they’re extraordinary!). I like it when people say I look pretty because my style is NOT pretty or girly. I like being able to LOOK fairly without having to be apparent or sickening about it. I’m fine with cute and cute too, though I know a lot of people find it infantilizing.

Cute means non-threatening, sweetness and lightweight as we talked about once on the forum. I are likely to sense hidden sarcasm and irony, even when there’s no have to do it. I’d like to listen to adjectives like “artistic”, “trendy”, “edgy”, “artsy” and “female”, but unfortunately, my current garments are in the deep finish of “uninteresting”, “boring” and “random”.

I’d like most to listen to that I look polished, elegant, or properly put collectively. Lately I’ve been informed that I look fashionable or trendy and revel in it as a compliment. I’d quite have my complete look seen than one item singled out. Exceptions would be those who know me nicely and see the details or that something is new.