How is Personal Injury Compensation Treated in Divorce UK?

If you cannot reach agreement about these issues amicably, the cost will be greater. We encourage prompt and realistic negotiations aimed at reaching a positive agreement wherever possible. We have a further range of fixed price and bespoke divorce solutions which we can discuss with you in this consultation. If you would like to find out more about our divorce services, please click on the buttons below.

Our team will fight to seek amends and gain justice where you have been failed. Often in the military, there are those that have suffered perdana4peace avoidable injuries, or lost a loved one. Our specialist team understand that as well as compensation, the truth is as important.

Divorce or Separation

When children are involved in a family breakdown in Spain, we will advise you how to protect their welfare and best interests. On many occasions parents are not able to reach an agreement regarding children, and one of the consequences of this are disputes regarding children´s residence. How you choose to deal with divorce and separation can determine the true success of the outcome. Options include “kitchen table” discussions with your ex , mediation, collaboration, arbitration, solicitor correspondence, roundtable meetings and, if necessary, the family court. At a fixed fee first meeting we can discuss and explore with you the options which will best suit you and your family’s circumstances. The source of any asset will be taken into account and most personal injury or medical negligence compensation is classed as a non-matrimonial asset.

  • Whether it is the care and access arrangements or maintenance costs, there are important issues to consider.
  • When a couple gets divorced in England or Wales, the Court has a checklist to help them decide what is fair and reasonable when looking at a divorce financial settlement.
  • When a couple separate, they are encouraged to try and reach an agreement regarding the arrangements for where the children will live and how often they will see the other parent.
  • If your personal or sensitive information has been shared without your consent, we could help you claim compensation from those who breached your privacy rights.

We’re a full service litigation and transaction law firm serving the north metro Atlanta area. Depending on your circumstances and which country you’re filing for divorce in, the answer to this question may differ. With around 30 million adults in the UK not having a will in place, this is an important question to ask.


If there is a child or children involved in the divorce or separation because of the marriage, relationship or other means, then a Statement of Arrangements will need to be prepared. Obtaining a fair financial settlement that addresses the needs of both spouses and any children is a complex matter. Meanwhile, a Post-nuptial Agreement is a contract drawn up during a marriage or partnership and details how a couple will split their assets in the event of a divorce, separation or death.


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