How to care for a good hat

How to care for a good hat

How to care for a hats is one of the important icons to protect the head from the hot sun, an alternative when users are lazy to style their hair, as well as being a complement to the user’s fashion of the day, to look stylish. The hat itself can also be worn for women/men from all walks of life, from small children to adults.

For fans of wearing hats in every activity, comfort is necessary. If you are one of the hat convection addicts, this time you have to stay tune to listen to information from us about how to take care of your favorite hat so it doesn’t get damaged quickly:

Prepare Cold Water For Washing

Using cold water to wash your hat is the right thing to do. Avoid using warm / hot water, friends, because this can make the color of your favorite hat fade / fade. Tou can click this site if you are looking for information about travel recreation saklikentgorge

Manual Wash & Use Small Brush

Types of hats such as snapbacks, truckers, etc. that have a cap tongue, it’s best not to wash them using a washing machine. Do it manually, by brushing the dirty sides of the hat using a small brush gently otherwise it will damage the hat fibers.

Give Detergent & fragrance

Don’t just pour detergent on your hats, friends, the important thing is that you have to do it by first dissolving the detergent in a bucket mixed with cold water. Only after the hat is submerged, do a soft brush on the dirty part. The goal is that the detergent foam is evenly distributed on the surface of the hat.

Avoid Drying Under Direct Sun

Sunlight is important for drying hats in wet conditions. But do not dry in direct sunlight, this will cause the color of the hat to fade. All you have to do is let the hat aerate so it doesn’t smell, it’s moist and it dries quickly.

Use a special perfume

After the hat has been confirmed to be 100% dry. Friends can spray a special perfume for the hat so that it smells good. Usually this perfume is often used by people for their helmets. Another function gives this perfume to prevent the development of bacteria in the fabric.

Store in a safe place

The benefits of a hat if the hat is clean & fragrant. Don’t put it in the open! This can trigger the hat to be attacked by invisible dust. Therefore, store hats on a special hat rack, do not mix hats in 1 shirt cabinet or other accessories so that your hats are durable, not damaged and their shape does not change.


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