Local clothing brands are generally present in the concept of distribution. The main target is young people who are aware of their appearance and choice of style.

With the development of local clothing today, the result is that many new brands have emerged with their respective advantages. Then what are the local clothing brands that can be the main choice? Immediately, see the explanation below.


This one brand can be said to be quite familiar to most young people. Erigo is often active in various local clothing events and their booth is often the main target for fashion enthusiasts.

Previously, this brand was called Selected & Co and only in 2013 changed to Erigo. Most of their products are inspired by traveling habits which are still hype among young people.

So if you are looking for pants and clothes that are comfortable and can be used for many activities, Erigo can be the solution. You can directly visit Erigo’s Instagram to see the latest ready stock products.


This brand from Bandung was originally developed by a group of young people who like skateboarding. RSCH was founded in 1997 and had the initial name Ouval Research. Click this site https://www.vegetarianorganiclife.com/ if you are looking for information about lifestyle society

RSCH already has a lot of regular fans. The products that are most often sought after are t-shirts with simple designs, namely the words RSCH in the middle.

In the local clothing industry, RSCH is arguably one of the early pioneers. The main characteristic of their product is a contemporary design with a touch of unique perspective so that it seems to have its own exclusivity.


Unlike RSCH, WADEZIG! formed by the art and design community. This brand is often also called WDZG!.

Because the initiators are people who understand art, the product is WDZG! strong in terms of artistic and sharpness of detail. But they are also still determined to maintain the idealism of every product they produce.

Oh yes, WDZG! come from Bandung bro. In addition, some WDZG products! it has been exported abroad because the quality can compete and the design is different from the others.


Starcross is also an old player in the local clothing world. They provide clothing products for men and women with their trademark anti-mainstream design.

As an old brand, until now Stracross already has more than 70 outlets throughout Indonesia. The products always follow the fashion and trends that are booming.

Not only clothes, you can also find other types of fashion such as pants, hats, bags, and shoes at Starcross outlets. Some of these products have even been sent to Japan and have their own fans there.


You must have seen this brand often used by friends at school or on campus. UNKL347 is a local clothing brand that has fanatical fans because of its simple products, but that is precisely its strength.

Products such as clothes, bags, and pants produced by UNKL347 are influenced by the world of surfing, music, skateboarding, and graphic design. They don’t really highlight complicated designs with the aim of making the wearer look more elegant but still stylish when using products from UNKL347.

This brand from Bandung also has many stores in various cities. For those of you who are curious about products from UNKL347, just visit the store closest to home.


Again, the city of Bandung has a local clothing brand that is quite famous in Indonesia, this brand is Screamous. Those of you who like to wear street style fashion are guaranteed to match the products from this brand.

Screamous products that are the target of fashion hunters are t-shirts and hats. But other products such as pants, jackets, and wallets are no less cool.

Interestingly, the Screamous t-shirt is actually quite cheap. To get a t-shirt with comfortable materials and a cool design, you only need to spend around 100,000 budget.


Bloods is a local clothing brand that has been in the fashion industry for a long time. This brand also comes from the city of Bandung.

Here, you can get t-shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, hats, to shirts. Bloods is well-known for offering all kinds of outfits so that fans don’t have to bother moving stores to find what they want.

The main characteristic of Bloods products is the quality and design of the screen printing that is different from other brands. For the store itself, it has spread in various big cities, such as Jakarta, Jogja, Semarang, Solo, and Tangerang.


Cosmic has been established since 2001 and is under Injoynesia Corp. This brand from Bandung puts forward fashion products with the feel of happy, art, and full creativity.

If you want to see firsthand the variety of Cosmic products, you can come to the store in almost every city. Various types of Cosmic brand clothing have also been exported to neighboring countries, such as Brunei, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Peter Says Denim

If you are looking for a local clothing brand that is already worldwide, then Peter Says Denim is the answer. You must also be familiar with this one brand because the fans are almost all ages.

One of the main strengths of Peter Says Denim is the quality of the products on offer. You can get the best quality premium jeans at a more affordable price when compared to foreign products.

Although he has not been in the local industry for a long time, Peter Says Denim already has its own market. Most people who make outfits from this PSD feel they have a different prestige because the quality of the products they use has been recognized by the world.

Dreambirds Artwear

This brand has a special feature, namely a logo with an owl’s head shape. The choice of this symbol is not without reason, namely because the two founders really like birds.

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