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And no man I know of has ever dressed with me in thoughts, so it’s just as well. I tried on a brand new prime recently and the bf’s quick response was “oh wow you look so attractive! I additionally hate the word “hot.” It’s like a word youngsters use when they’re still too awkward and uncomfortable to say sexy.

I was sitting at my desk one day and two younger beautiful younger ladies, whom I had beforehand labored with got here to see me. They had in hand an office directory (complete with pictures) from after I had labored there before. No make up, ponytail, t-shirt, you get the picture. One of the ladies pointed to the image and said “this was you before” after which did this sort of round motion around me and said “this is you now. This is the easiest compliment I actually have ever gotten.

I’m not at all cute, quite statuesque and with a wintry complexion. My favorite compliment might be “attractive”, even if it is overly extravagant. I also like “stunning”, “putting”, “fairly”, and (generally) “sexy”. I additionally prefer it when people tell me that sure color fits me, or after they discover one thing very specific about my options. I’ve been to cocktail hour occasions every evening for a week, so I’ve been dressing up and placing effort into my seems and consequently getting complimented.

Stylish, elegant, chic, and polished are a number of other words that tickle my toes. I’ve noticed that here people are likely to remark extra on a certain garment or accent, quite than the overall look. Do you have a set of favor-describing adjectives that you just favor hearing over others?

He’s simply creepy, so I ignore it and don’t let it hassle me. I can perceive why “attractive” may really feel like a gross comment and I grinned when Maya wrote about not wanting to be desired by a unclean old man on the subway; I say AMEN to that. But I all the time appreciated listening to that I looked sexy if the praise came from someone I was relationship or even a pal. I can see a photo of a woman like Brigitte Bardot I think of the word Sexy. Not because I personally really feel any sexual want in direction of her, however as a result of she has a way about her that I simply link with that word.

I had to get used to the best way the word “cute” is utilized in America. I used it to explain young youngsters and animals, or anything that’s diminutive and smaller than regular measurement like a child, pet or tiny journey toiletries. But cute in America can imply “good trying” and “trendy” too and it’s usually used to describe adults. Now that I know that, I’m not insulted when someone calls me cute, although it’s still not an adjective that turns my cheeks pink.

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And the most effective compliment final night was from an acquaintance who stated she at all times finds the best way I costume and put myself together cheering. It’s very attention-grabbing to listen to everybody’s word describing preferences, the sensitivities, and delicate nuances too. Hmm… like most girls, I like being advised that I am fairly. Any compliments that suggest that I am properly dressed make me really happy, in fact.

I hate the word cute, as I’ve heard it to dying since I was younger. I can be wearing sweats and make no effort, and listen to the dreaded “cute.” Although lately a good friend informed me I appear to be a little china doll, and I did like that. I like to listen to “edgy” “hip” and “funky” however I usually get told, “attention-grabbing,” and “hipster” (the latter is kind of an insult in NY). I don’t care if someone says I look sexy, as a result of males don’t often remark to me on style, solely ladies, so I appreciate it if a girl says that (often solely friends say it too). As for the dirty old man on the subway, or the bizarre coworker who talks to your chest, he’s gonna look even if you’re sporting something up to your neck and down to your ankles.

I choose edgy, funky, trendy … however actually, any coronary heart-felt praise is good. Interesting although, I find most often people touch upon specific pieces of clothing (my Casch boiled-wool jacket, Hayden-Harnett sweater dress, blue Fryes elicit a lot of “cool!” comments).


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I labored in a big office the place the costume codes was “when you come to work you need to be dressed”. If all dressed means is I put clothes on that aren’t pajamas or a swimsuit. I left that office and went to work at another location for a similar company.


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