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The software utilized advanced graphics, animation, and sound. During mid-1994, HSN took part in a number of new ventures. The company assisted the Black Entertainment Television Inc. with establishing a weekly, two-hour home shopping program concentrating on African-Americans as a take a look at of the viability of a shopping network solely for this client group. HSN also bought the online merchandising company Internet Shopping Network, a service first provided in June 1994 for promoting computer-related merchandise to consumers.

The company pursued progress through technological improvements. HSN’s interactive shopping program Global Plaza, for instance, sold electronics and jewelry by way of the Internet.

Home Shopping Network Open Casting Call For Several Modeling Jobs

The thought of shopping without leaving home had nice attraction to the viewing public. By 1985, HSN was carried on national cable stations and had over seventy-5 thousand common customers. The transaction would mix two companies which … Read More