Top 10 Best Men’s Hat Recommendations and More Trends

A hat is a head covering accessory that can support a man’s appearance. There are many great men’s hats on the market for you to choose from. Brands such as Adidas, Eiger, and Fjallraven produce hats with different designs.
How Important Is the Role of Hats to Men’s Appearance?
Hats are designed for a lot of activity needs, from formal activities to non-formal activities such as gathering with friends or taking a vacation to a favorite tourist destination. When outside in hot weather, a hat will protect your hair and face from the heat of the sun. Facial skin is also protected from dry and dull problems.
Wearing a hat also brings advantages for men who are short. Having a hat will make people around you focus on what you are wearing on top of your head. Then, hats can also be a solution for those who are less confident about baldness problems. However, in general, men’s hats are vital enough to add a touch more to your everyday appearance.
How to Choose Men’s Hats
Get to know the characteristics of the various types of hats for men
Hats make users look cooler and more stylish. However, each type of hat gives a different impression. Here are some hat models that we often encounter.

  1. Baseball Cap
    A baseball cap is a hat that is very popular in the world. Many men choose this type of hat because it fits in a variety of events. In the past, this hat was worn by baseball players when competing.
  2. Beanie (Beanie):
    In Indonesia, the beanie is better known as a beanie. Generally, this hat is made of a material that is thick and soft on the scalp. The beanie is a type of hat that is used to keep the head warm in cold weather, for example during the rainy season or in mountainous areas.
  3. Newsboy Hat:
    This type of hat is used by male adolescents and adults who are actually lower-class workers. A newsboy hat is also often called a flat cap because of its thin appearance.
  4. Bowler
    The phenomenal character Charlie Chaplin is one of the bowler hat favorites. This hat, which was popular in the late 19th century, is also synonymous with a detective hat or a magician’s hat. The bowler hat is usually made of thick and soft wool and has a fedora shape with a round crown and curved brim curling upwards.
  5. Boater
    The boater hat design is not much different from the fedora, it’s just that this hat is made of woven straw so that it creates a stiff impression on it. Even though it seems old-fashioned, this type of boater hat still has its own place in some circles, especially adult men or those who like old-style outfits.
  6. Fedora
    Fedora is a hat with a crown design that is curved at the top and has a wide brim or brim. A fedora hat is an ideal choice for those of you looking to find a middle ground between a boater hat and a bowler hat that seems out of date.
  7. Bucket Hat
    Named a bucket hat because of its appearance, this hat resembles a bucket with a deep hole. Unlike the brim on a bowler, fedora, or boater hat, the bucket hat has a sluggish edge so that it sticks down tilted.

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