Types of Women’s Shoes

Types of Women’s Shoes

Women’s Shoes- Not only clothes and bags, shoes are also one of the favorite fashion items for women. The cooler the shoes you wear, the more perfect your appearance will be. Hence, the existence of shoes is now not only as footwear, but also to enhance one’s appearance.

With the development of fashion trends, there are various types of women’s shoes. You can adjust everything to the event or activity that will be carried out. This time Loop has summarized various types of women’s shoes that you should know. What are you?


Shoes that are synonymous with cowboys were originally used to protect feet from water and mud. But finally, this type of shoe has been much favored by women. There are many models of boots, ranging from ankle boots to over the knee boots.


The masculine impression is felt when girls wear these types of shoes. For those of you who have a casual and sporty character, sneakers are definitely your favorite. Hmm, almost all girls must have sneakers on their shoe racks.


These shoes are almost similar to stilettos, the difference is that the front sole looks thicker. You also don’t have to worry about feeling sore, because these shoes are comfortable to use all day.


This shoe is also a unique one. Just look at the sole, forming a triangle and lower at the front of the shoe. The wedge heel design follows the shape of the shoe and blends with the entire sole from back to front.


If you want to appear at a formal event, this is the most suitable shoe. The graceful impression will shine even more when a girl wears stilettos. Do you agree?

Kitten Heels

This shoe is also one type with high heels, but the right size is lower and shorter. You become more free to move but still look beautiful and elegant.

Flat Shoes

Who doesn’t know flat shoes? This type of shoe is the most must-have fashion item for girls. It won’t be complicated, the models are getting more diverse.


This type of shoe is a combination of shoes and sandals. Why? Because the back is open like a sandal. Mules had indeed become a fashion trend some time ago.

Mary Jane Shoes

Hey, who has Mary Jane shoes? Yup, this type of shoe has additional adhesive on the top. You will be more comfortable for walking all day with these types of shoes.

Sling Back Shoes

As the name implies, sling back shoes have a hook at the back of the shoe. This makes your feet more comfortable and safe even if you wear high heels.


The uniqueness of this type of shoe is the sole which is usually made of wood. As fashion trends develop, clogs shoes are also designed to be as beautiful as possible to make them more fashionable.

Gladiator Shoes

Wow, if this type of shoe does look really striking. Accent rope to be a sweetener on one’s appearance.

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