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Those who were already vulnerable are facing even greater challenges to their immediate safety. Women are giving birth in basements or in high-stress conditions, with an estimated 80,000 women expected to give birth in the next three months while maternal health services are extremely strained. Men are forced to remain behind while women and children migrate out of Ukraine to neighbouring countries. And as neighbouring countries welcome refugees from Ukraine, LGBT+ persons are entering countries with active hostility towards them.

You will focus on theoretical and methodological approaches, developing an understanding of these political analysis tools. You will then apply these to both authoritarian and democratic regimes. You will explore a range of political institutions and processes, and move beyond studying these in isolation to develop the analytical skill of comparison. The crisis which developed in the summer of 1914 was one of several that had erupted in Europe in the early twentieth century. International tensions had been mounting, but in every previous crisis a continental war had been avoided.


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  • So I’d say by the time you get to 1914 this is quite a volatile country.
  • A vibrant postgraduate student community, active in organising workshops and reading groups.
  • You will consider both the impact of international forces upon France and the country’s influence on the course of world history.
  • While the Russians viewed this mobilisation as a precaution in case war broke out, the Germans saw it as an aggressive act of war directed against itself and Austria-Hungary.

Evaluate different peacebuilding policies and critically assess their consequences. If political leaders really care about the future funding of our public television they would do better to heed Kosminsky, a revered industry figure with a track record of pointing out threats to the proper resourcing of high-quality programming. On 11 November 1918, an armistice came into effect ending the war in Western Europe – but this did not mean the return of peace.

Reading materials

Dr Jon Watson works on modern American history, especially from the Second World War onwards. His main areas of interest are race relations in the US, Cold War and Vietnam. He also teaches and researches on the history politics of African-American culture. The Handbook on the Political Economy of War highlights and explores important research questions and discusses the core elements of the political economy of war. On this module you will explore philosophical thinking on war, considering whether war can ever be right.

The topics are closely related to staff research interest, meaning your work will be aligned with current research. This will help you develop your skills in research and historical investigation. Democracy is the dominant form of political organisation around the world, and it is essential to fully understand how it is put into practice. This includes discussions on the concept and various models of democracy, as well as the institutions and processes that rely on it.

The armistice was effectively a German surrender, as its conditions ended any possibility of Germany continuing the war. Austria-Hungary sets out to punish Serbia it wants to quash support for Serbian nationalism. The most divisive issue, however, was that of Home Rule for Ireland. As the Home Rule Bill made its way through parliament, rival militias began to arm themselves on either side of the issue.

Europe goes to war

We will also introduce you to some of the essential skills you will need to succeed a degree level, including academic writing, researching and referencing. We stand together with all those in Ukraine who suffer the outbreak of the war. We back whoever opposes the war from all sides, and we say that all military and economic reciprocal retaliations must stop immediately. The slaughter must be stopped as well as a further crisis looming over the life of workers, migrants, women and men that struggle for their daily life. The politics of sanctions and the economic war are less violent than bombing but will affect most of all those workers, migrants, women and men that are already struggling to make a living in times of pandemic and crisis.

Studying politics puts you in a strong position to understand these developments and engage with these debates. There may also be some additional costs to take into account throughout your studies, including the cost of accommodation. Due to immigration laws, if you are an international student on a Student Visa, you must study full time. For more information about visa requirements and short-term study visas, please visit theInternational Visa and Immigrationpages. If you choose to take a placement year, and your course offers it, you can apply for the Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loan for your placement year.


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